How to Become a Successful Mobile Apps Developer

by Julia MB on September 10, 2013

Do not believe the other articles that tell you it is difficult to become an app successful app developer. It is true that it is hard to do, but so is playing professional football or painting a masterpiece, but ordinary unqualified citizens do it all the time. Here is a short guide to help you on your way.

1x1.trans How to Become a Successful Mobile Apps Developer

Decide What Platform/Operating System You Want To Develop For

It is true that you can create one app that works for the Blackberry, Windows, Android and Apple operating system. But, each have their own protocols, which mean you, need to pick one to start with. Once you have created your app for that operating system, then you can start thinking about cross compatibility, although you will probably have to create other apps from the ground up. It is not like a website where you can adapt one website to fit all browsers, with an app you will probably have to make one per operating system. You just have to make sure that they all work the same with the same functionalities and appearance.

Myth Busting Time

You do not need a degree in computer science, or a degree of any sort. You are not applying to be a heart surgeon, you are creating apps, and 12 year old boys can create apps. If you are lucky enough to become interested in programming at an early age, then you can do some fantastic things by the time you are in your teens. Getting a degree does help you, but no more than being dedicated to watching tutorial videos and learning new techniques.

How Easy Can It Be?

It really depends upon where you learn it from. A bad teacher can make programming seem like very hard work, and it may be years before you create your first app. What you need is a teacher who takes you from the very first steps right up to the most advanced content matter available. There are a pair of nerds who have created a whole website out of teaching people how to write programs and apps.

Even though they have a bit of a Wayne’s World feel about them, they do offer the best online programming training for free. There website is called “” after the noise a frog makes (honestly). They use tutorial videos to show you how to program, and they will walk you step-by-step through creating an app. They will teach you how to create apps for the Android and for the iOS. They will also give you their opinion on how the online community treats newbie’s in the real world, and how people developing apps for Apple treat people (there is a nasty bit of difference).

Decide What Functions Your App Will Take On

Do not make the mistake of creating an app for the sake of it. You need to think about the user experience before you even start planning your app. You need to think about if your app is going to be useful to someone, and consider the fact that your target user may be happy living without your app.

Find Out If An App Is Already Doing What You Need

If there are already apps out there that are doing what your app is going to do, then think very hard about creating your app. You will need to create an app that is worlds better than their app. Your app will have to do something pretty special and fantastic in order to surpass the other app.

Create Wireframes for Your App

You should really plan the functions that your app is going to have. Once you know what your app is going to do, and you have a rough idea of how it is going to do it, then you can start creating wireframes for your app. This is a nice way of seeing how your app is going to function without actually having to do the programming required for it.

Develop Your App

Now comes the time when you have to develop your app. Try to stick to your plan, and if you come up with additional extras for your app then consider saving those ideas until you are finished. Do this because a lot of people come up with great ideas whilst they are creating their app, to the point where it never gets finished because the developer has to add just one more thing.

Test It Multiple Times before Releasing It

This is very important, and the app stores will reject your app if it is not near perfect. Plus, they are very keen on rejecting apps these days anyway because they have hundreds of submissions per day. So, make sure you test every usability function and make sure you keep security as tight as possible.


This post is written by Kate Funk and she works as a tech writer at which provides Sat Test Tutoring.

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