The Google Nexus 6 Rumors Specs, Released Date

by Julia MB on December 7, 2013

The Rumors Surrounding Google Nexus 6

All around the web, the hot news there seems to be so far is on the release of Google nexus 6. It is just funny how the web will never lack rumor on the upcoming smart phones. The thing about web rumors is that 90% of what is spread is usually true. If you notice, Google just launched nexus 5 less than three months ago, and already news on nexus 6 is hitting many sites in the web.

Well, it’s all about holding on and waiting for that right moment that the official release date will be announced by Google. Right now though, all there is are rumors. The rumor though could be true, with a close follow up of the past releases that has been registered. Each year, Google has religiously released its smart phones into the market. It started off with nexus 3, later nexus 4, then the latest nexus5, and now we are talking about nexus 6.

1x1.trans The Google Nexus 6 Rumors Specs, Released Date

The contradicting factor is on the dates of release. It is not yet clear if Google is going to release its android phone in the first quarter of August 2014, but rumor says the 2 will face their release the same year. If then Google will allow its release the same year as its core partner Motorola, then what are the plans of sale? If Google has settled on the same year of release, that only means there is a good reason why.

2014 will be facing a lot of Smartphone releases from different companies, and that means that only the best will get best results. The good thing about it is that the phones will capture different interests. It should mean therefore that each Smartphone has to get a particular audience and customers as well. The pricing could be a leading factor, followed by the features and then the size of the phones.

2014 will absolutely have a wide variety, and therefore it is unlikely for any release to lack customers. The only key factor that would brush off the interest of the customers is on poor gadgets. Customers, no matter how cheap the Smartphone could go for, are always looking up for valuable gadgets. With the fact that nexus 6 looks similar to nexus 5, it is not automatic that the features, specs or the performance will be the same. If Moto G and Nexus 6 are to compete; only the best will see a better light of the day.

Nexus 6 is said to come with an incredible RAM of 6GB. If you compare this memory to that of Samsung galaxy note 3, you will realize that this is way much better. Samsung galaxy note 3 recorded a RAM of 3GB. This then tells you that the nexus 6 has got a lot more coming! The oncoming Google Smartphone; nexus 6, is said to have a uni-body aluminum case.

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Sahil January 10, 2014 at 7:04 pm

Its really madnesss!! Google will provide a 6 Gigs of RAM in nexus 6. Its predecessor is having 2 Gigs and also I don’t think so in this year any of the device will be launched having more than 4 GB RAM. Its all false rumors all around web!


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