How to Root Micromax A35 Bolt device

by Julia MB on January 11, 2014

How to Root Micromax A35 Bolt device:

Rooting Micromax A35 bolt will give you utmost from your device. It is expected that after rooting this device user may enjoy the incredible features such as freedom to install the apps, incash anytime flash recovery, custom ROM etc. Nevertheless, what you need to understand simply is that the rooting somehow destroys the warranty of your device. Therefore, in case, seriously damage occurs to your Micromax A35 bolt (although this rarely happens if you proceed carefully), then you will have to bear your own expenses.

1x1.trans How to Root Micromax A35 Bolt device

The following steps must be followed to Root Micromax A35 bolt successfully. 

USB Drivers Download Here

Rooting Tool Download Here

Step 1:  It is essential to download “Micromax A35 Bolt Root Tools”(Bin4ry) HereYou can download it from the internet as it is easily available and extract the same file from its ZIP folder. Save this file anywhere on the PC or laptop that you are using for this purpose.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on the A35 Bolt handset. To proceed you may hit on the settings and click on the development. Finally go for the USB Debugging to enable on the debugging process.

Step 3: Once you connect your Micromax A35 Bolt device to the target PC or laptop, it will automatically install drivers to the PC or laptop after sometime.

Step 4: Now what you need to do next is open the folder where you kept those “Micromax A35 Bolt Root Tools”(Bin4ry) tool.

Step 5: You will get an option of opening up “Run me bat”, choose the same. Now you will see the screen flashing some green letters.

Step 6: Feed 1 in that screen and press the Enter tab. Make sure that during the entire process the phone is correctly connected to the PC or laptop.

Step 7: Hereafter your device will reboot and hence, will process Bin4ry copy roots file to device.

Step 8: After copy these files, get your phone restart. Your phone is successfully root and is ready to installed exclusive apps + features.

That’s it. You have successfully rooted your Micromax A35 Bolt . The above given steps are used by many Micromax users and have shown wonderful results after the rooting procedure.


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